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Famous Ghost & True Crime

A great San Diego/Coronado mystery solved at last by John T. Cullen

Dark 1892 Mystery Solved—2 Books

Author John T. Cullen -- nonfiction (Dead Move) and fictional dramatization (Lethal Journey)She Still Haunts the Hotel Today Visiting San Diego? The Beautiful Stranger at the Hotel del Coronado (a U.S. National Landmark) is part of San Diego, U.S., and global history. Through hotel owner John Spreckels, target of an 1892 blackmail plot gone horribly wrong, her story has amazing connections to the doomed monarchy of Hawaii, political power struggles in Washington D.C., and the court of Queen Victoria. The ghost and crime stories are two enirely separate matters. The ghost story is good for thrills & chills. The author has solved a 120 year old true crime enigma long mired in legend—truth is stranger than fiction.

The really touching part of the story is a universal and human one: of a beautiful and innocent young woman—a Victorian fallen angel—brought low by a cruel world. It's a classic theme celebrated by the greatest artists of her age, like Thomas Hardy's Tess D'Urberville. In a real Victorian sense, she was an angel come to earth. Her tragic passing was a powerful drama. Lizzie's humanity is as fresh today as over a century ago.

Dead Move: Kate Morgan & the Haunting Mystery of Coronado, 2d Ed. by John T. Cullen - nonfiction - a scholarly analysis of this baffling 1892 true crime mystery and today's famous ghost at the landmark Hotel del Coronado
John T. Cullen is a San Diego Author - Fiction & Nonfiction, including Thrillers, SF, Horror, and info on the ghost at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego (Kate Morgan, Lizzie Wyllie, Lottie A. Bernard, take your pick
Lethal Journey - fiction - a dramatization based on Dead Move by John T. Cullen, and the best of the legend.

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